About EFT

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a meridian therapy that may be done in person or long distance. We do this while on the call via Skype. And you can do this later, on your own also. You do not need a therapist to do this, but you need to be taught how to do it. Some issues have too strong of an emotional charge, and is is wise to have someone to help you through the process. There are many varieties of EFT. What we mostly use is a simplified version that tends to work very well. We vary it, according to what we feel intuitively. EFT is a wonderful way to clear internal energies and emotions. It even works on physical pain and eliminating old belief patterns.

Where are the points to tap in EFT?

In our sessions, we use EFT to get relief from a strong emotion that may come up. We will release this only as things come up for you, and only if you feel comfortable doing it. But I must tell you, THIS is where a lot of emotional release and healing come from! We ask you to tap on these points with us, as we coach you through what to do.

Watch this video to see where the tapping points are: