Digital Photo Requirements for a Soul Map™ Reading:

Three pictures of both hands are required for the reading. Please read these instructions carefully BEFORE you take the pictures.

Important Tips for Photos:

– Both hands can be on the same photo, if you have someone to take the pictures for you. If not, you can take a photo of each hand separately.

– The hands need to be well lit, but not too brightly, otherwise the lines will be washed out. Soft side lighting usually shows the most details. Daylight is the best.

– Make sure the camera is perpendicular to the hand, so that the length of the fingers is not distorted.

– Do not get the camera too close to the hand, which may make the picture fuzzy or distorted. Instead, use the zoom.

– Your photos should be large enough to show details (minimum width of 1000 pixels), but make sure that your whole email is no more than 10 megabytes.

– When sending your photos, indicate whether you are right or left-handed.

First example:

Put your hand flat on a surface in a position that is natural for you. Please use a plain dark background. The fingers should be separated just a bit depending on what feels right for you. Take a photo of the backs of each hand.

Second example:

Hold your hand up, with your fingers straight, so that the photo shows the inside of your palms, your fingers, and your wrist.

Third example:

Take a close-up picture of your palm. Make sure it shows all details (including skin ridges and small lines). Make sure the image is not blurry. The better the quality, the better the reading will be.

  1. What photos do I need to send for Soul Map Readings?
Example photos of your palms are here:
Hand one
Hand one
Hand picture two
Hand picture two
~Notice that there is a plain dark background with natural lighting. The resolution is high so as to see all the details.
~Included in our reading is a picture of your face. Please take the picture as if it’s taken for a passport or driver’s license. In other words, it should be full face, looking at the camera. If you use glasses, please remove them so we can see your eyes. 
Please send two photos as shown of BOTH hands AND your head shot to  kristen@highersoulhealing.com  Also please inform us which is your dominant hand. There should be a total of seven pictures.”

Watch this video for specific instructions on the photos we need for your Soul Map Readings:

2. What is EFT?
EFT is short for the Emotional Freedom Technique. You can watch this video to see where the tapping points are, and check out our page on EFT.