Soul Map Identification

Soul Map Identification Package

You’ll experience:
  •  a full channeled soul reading
  • details about the plan your soul made before you incarnated and what that means for you right now
  • a powerful method to quickly change the beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • a feeling of peace as you release and relax
  • an entirely new vision for your life, guided by two powerful mediums
  • the sense of relief in finally knowing just what is causing your pain or confusion
 Specifically, you’ll receive:
  • 3 sessions, spread over 3 1/2 hours, to introduce you to the work, do the work, and answer any questions you have
  • a recording of the call
  • the expertise of TWO gifted mediums
  • full email support
  • identification of the energetic attachments that might be connected to you
  • the option to continue on to clear out whatever attachments are found