Soul Map™ Reading

What is a Soul Map™ reading?

Before we re-incarnate on this Earth, our souls go through a process of planning their life. They decide on everything under the Sun…who they want their parents to be, who they want their friends, and spouses to be. These people generally are part of your soul group who tend to incarnate together over and over… This explains why we feel so drawn to certain people’s because we already “know” them. Not with our five senses, but with our “knowing”, our soul.
We decide what life lessons we want to experience so that we can work through lessons that weren’t learned in past lives. This can include physical ailments, emotional pain, a charmed life, accidents, failed relationships, wonderful relationships… and on the list goes on and on.
No matter what happens here on earth, the reason for it all is to learn lessons, as painful as they might be. You see, your soul isn’t concerned with how your personality feels about this pain, and the difficulties of life. It’s concerned about evolving, expanding, ascending.

“Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning”

Your soul’s plan is written in the palm of your hands. The science of chiromancy studies these lines, and someone who is able to read these lines can discover the secret your soul wants to reveal.

What We Need From You:

We will do your Soul Map Reading from photos of your hands. We need seven photos from you in total, sent to

  1. Left Hand: Palm
  2. Right Hand: Palm
  3. Left Hand: Karate Chop Point
  4. Right Hand: Karate Chop Point
  5. Left Hand: Back of Hand
  6. Right Hand: Back of Hand
  7. Headshot

Please see examples below. It helps us if the photos are taken in good light, with no shadows, against a dark background. The more detail we can see in your hands, the better.

Karate Chop Point
Back of Hand

How does it work?

Book your session and send us your photos. Before your session, Zé will spend time reviewing and analyzing your hands. During our Zoom meeting, which will be an hour to an hour and a half in length, Zé and I both will be explaining what he found in your reading. This call can be recorded for your review. You are welcome to ask questions about the reading for clarification.

How do I buy a Soul Map Reading?

  1. Book a one and a half hour session to be held on Skype for us to tell you what your soul wants you to know. This includes a recording of the call.
  2. Send the seven photos listed above to Also, please indicate which is your dominant hand and your age. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for examples.